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There’s a war waging in Michigan, where tens of thousands of people – predominantly black residents living in poverty – are being denied basic human rights.  NOTOWN tells the story of 3 Michigan communities under siege and the fighters leading the charge for change. Melissa Mays in Flint, Maureen Taylor in Detroit & Reverend Pinkney in Benton Harbor.  


When we started this project in 2014, inequality and oppression of poor people was a little more subtle. In this age of Trump, inequality is brazen and no-holds-barred. In fact, it's almost celebrated. The indignity of poverty, the separation of families, the neglect of communities in natural disaster areas, police shootings and the complete disregard for black, brown and poor communities is constantly in our face.  But we are rising.  Organizations like the The Poor People’s Campaign, Fight for 15, Michigan Welfare Rights, We The People, Water You Fighting For and many others are increasing awareness of these injustices. Standing shoulder to shoulder with these activists and organizations, we see this film as another tool to help to organize, mobilize and push the movement one step closer to equality for everyone. 

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