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Richard Fahoome

Executive Producer | Producer



Richard Fahoome has been involved in the fight for economic and social equality since 1974. It was that time he met labor organizer and activist General Gordon Baker.  Richard became active in UAW Local 212 and then in 1978 AFSCME Local 345 organizing and representing maintenance workers in Detroit Public Schools. Richard held several positions including Steward, Sargent at Arms and Vice President of the local. 


During the years at DPS he enrolled at Wayne State University in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program that was set up especially for working adults and graduated in 1999 and left DPS. In 2002 he returned to WSU to continue his studies and in 2007 completed the Masters Program and published the thesis The Transition from Slave Labor to Wage Labor in Eastern Cuban Sugar Production. In 2011 the article Interviews with Haitian Migrant Sugar Workers in Cuba was published in the International Journal of Business, Humanities and Technology. (Vol. 1 No. 3). 


Richard married Gail Dexter Ph.D., of Royal Oak Mi. in 1972.  They had three children, daughter Capella and twin boys Dale and Walter. He is now collaborating with Capella on this film. 




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